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High School Entrepreneur

Hello world! My name is Md.Takhimul Haque. But I go by Takhim! I am a senior at B.A.S.E. I love all things gaming and robotics related. Also, I am a startup fanatic.I have a strong passion for social equity and programming. I hope to incorporate my interest for social equity and technology to code for a better tomorrow. Below are the list of competitions I've been to.


Over the past 3 years, I have created many things that I am proud of.

Here are a few!


Designed an app that Bronx high school students could potentially use to find their dream college based on their test score, hobbies and future occupation

Steel Hawks team 8200

Steel Hawks is a FIRST FTC robotics team from the Bronx Academy for Software Engineering in Bronx, NY. Team 8200 was founded in September 2013 in an effort to encourage more minorities to explore and pursue STEM fields.

Takhim's chatbot

I created this chatbot because I was curious if I can do it. Feel free to make it better


Built a prototype platform at Columbia University which teenagers can use to get more real world experience by doing jobs provided by their local shops or businesses

Era For Kids

Designed a platform that teenagers can use to know more about their political representative within a particular region.


Created an image guessing game using an open sourced image recognition algorithm called Clarifai


I Built a 2D side-scrolling game in the hackathon. The main goal of the game was to inform kids about possible dangers they could face when they roam in a city without being careful.

Project: Big Apple

Developed a game called Project: Big Apple that targets to inform New Yorkers about the tech innovations that are occurring around their area. Project: Big Apple won the citywide Game4Change challenge and was awarded by NYC Mayor's Office and Game4change

The adventure of Clyde Thluffy Sinclair

The adventure of Clyde Thluffy Sinclair is a game that incorporates some aspects of the infamous game Flappy Bird and Bullet Hell. The main goal of the game is survive as long as possible. There will be missiles and hawks within the game, but the user has to avoid contact with the missiles as well as the hawks to stay alive in the game. My team made this game with GameMaker

Iroquois origin story gamified version

I am huge supporter of gamification of learning. My team created this game to illustrate the beautiful story of Iroquois tribe's origin story. We used RPG maker Vx ace to make this game

Social Impact

"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor" - Elon Musk


Kids.On is a startup that I co-founded which aspires to make our young patients as comfortable as possible by connecting them with relatable and supportive friends. Our app enables parents and guardians to care for their children by scheduling their day and reminding them to take medication. Instead of sitting alone in a hospital room, they can socialize virtually with new and old friends.


Created a platform which consist of an app and a website which targets to educate young teenagers about police brutality. Using the app users could record any encounter they have with police officers and app will automatically geo-tag and upload it directly to the website for all to see.

Youtube & Vimeo

I like creating animated videos which demonstrates my projects.

Haque studios

I created this channel to post all my animated videos and school videos. Feel free to check my videos out! My favorite video is #Genesis Selfie project

Takhim's channel

This is the channel where I post all my miscellaneous videos


Drop me a line if I can do anything for you!